Broth/Juice Gut Rehab Cleanse

Broth/Juice Gut Rehab Cleanse


A 3-day cleanse focused on repairing and nurturing your gut and digestive system. Featuring Cold pressed juices: 17oz Rainbow Unicorn Juice, 2 x 17oz Mana, 2 x 17oz Kauai Coconut water, 9.5oz Golden Milk, 17oz Glow, Ginger Snap elixir, 17oz Blood Transfusion, 9.5oz Ali’i, 17oz Selfie, 6 triphala tablets and 6 pints (96oz) of Bone to be Wild Hawaiian Medicinal Beef bone broth.

Please allow up to 48 hours after ordering before you pick up your cleanse. It may be ready sooner. We will notify you asap when your cleanse can be picked up.

This item is ONLY available for local pickup on Kauai. We are not able to ship cold pressed juices.

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