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Essential Healing Broth

Our Mission


To craft a healthy, rejuvenating broth as an accessible, daily ritual for the Hawaii community to sip and savor. We want to set the bar for other companies to follow by developing the local food system and fostering community around our soul-nourishing, zero-waste product sourced exclusively from organic produce and local animals that are treated humanely and loved. At the crossroads of nutritious and delicious, Bone To Be Wild supplies a space to honor your food and all it does to aid in your vitality.


“The thing that I love about bone broth is that with time and some care it is possible to craft a product so delicious and beneficial from something as ordinary as bones. It’s like alchemy. Channeling the forgotten wisdom of our ancestors about what our bodies need.”

— Bone To Be Wild Chef, Adam Watten


Quality Ingredients


Bone To Be Wild offers the most medicinal bone broth available on Kauai. Our broth is simmered for 48 hours to ensure every last mineral and nutrient from the bones and connective tissue dissolves into the liquid. More than a pound of organic, humanely raised ingredients goes into every 16 ounce cup. We source our bones from Wailua Meat Co., which lovingly raises its grass-fed and finished cattle on spacious pastureland in the heart of beautiful Kauai. All of our herbs are local and organic.

Chef Adam Watten

The Chef –

Adam Watten

A master of crafting diverse, place-based ingredients into colorful, salivating meals, Chef Watten has worked tirelessly to forge meaningful relationships with Hawaii’s best farmers and ranchers. The native Virginian is a graduate of the renowned New England Culinary Institute and the co-founder of Hānai Kauai and Hānai Market, Hawaii's first 100 percent locally sourced boutique food store. 


The Owner –

Kristal Muhich

At the forefront of the Hawaii’s “food as medicine” movement, Kristal has a polished record of economizing high-grade healing products to support the wellness of individual bodies as well as the community at large. During more than 15 years in the health and wellness industry, the creator of Kauai Juice Co. has brought to market dozens of healing, sustainably sourced foods. Bone To Be Wild is her latest and dearest venture to date.


The Farm –

Wailua Meat Co.

On the dewey slopes of Kauai’s iconic Sleeping Giant mountain, Wailua Meat Co.’s 80-year-old pastures host a lovingly cared for family of cattle. Across 1,326 acres, the farm’s 500 cows are humanely raised and grass-finished under the heed of expert ranchers.


Ok, but wait…

What is Bone Broth?


Bone broth is a silky, salubrious brew that offers the body a bounty of benefits. The difference between bone broth and regular broth is a longer cooking time, which allows the collagen and minerals in the bones and tissues to dissolve into the stock.

Calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus from the bones support a healthy immune system and increase bone strength. Gelatin enhances your gut health, while glycine fends off fatigue. Not only does the collagen support and strengthen your joints, it also boosts the skin’s elasticity and helps diminish fine lines.

Bone broth is also soul-warming and delicious! It can be sipped from a cup or bowl — or it can form the base for a delicious soup or stew. Try substituting bone broth for water the next time you simmer a pot of your favorite grains. You can also freeze bone broth for up to a year.


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